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Merging Both Leadership Styles
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In our text it is applied that the best leaders utilize a combination of both transformational and transactional leadership. The text also denotes that transactional leadership is a key requirement for effective leadership.

3M CEO McNerney speaks about how he welds these styles of leadership together to reach greater success. “Some people think you either have a demanding, command-and control management style or you have a nurturing, encouraging style. I believe you cant have one without the other. (467)” BusinessWeek, a well recognized business magazine published by McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., highlights that McNerney is well known for being a inspirational leader who is secure with speaking one on one with employees or in front of large groups. He also never hesitates to attribute his company’s achievements to organization as a whole and thanks his employees for their work ethic.

In some cases, research implies that transactional leadership leads to greater performance when it is supplemented by transformational leadership. According to the, transactional leadership is inadequate to build the trust and full potential of an organization’s members. Conversely, if united with individualized deliberation, it could offer a basis for higher levels of transformational leadership that positively affect employee incentive and performance.

A good example of this can be scene from 3M’s Culture of Innovation. “3M builds innovation and entrepreneurship into culture. Mistakes are allowed, destructive criticism is forbidden, experimentation is encouraged, and divisions and individuals are allowed to operate with a good deal of autonomy. 3M sets goals decreeing that 25%-30% of annual sales must come from products that are only 5 years old or less. Investment in research and development is almost double the rate of that the American company. In addition, 3M employees are permitted to spend 15% of their time pursuing personal research interests that are not related to current company projects, knowing that if their ides aren’t successful, they will be encouraged to pursue other paths. (338)”

McNerney’s leadership facilitates a collective commitment. One of 3M’s corporate values is to be a company that employees are proud to be a part of.